“I fantasise about being a secret agent sometimes. Where would I go? What would I do? Maybe it’s a lack of excitement in my life… maybe…(Shrugs shoulders)

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This video will make you laugh, cringe and cry a little. The amazing things that happen when you ask people about their secrets.


Video by PostSecret
Artwork by The Dance Part


I love you for you

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This girl was so inspired by this song that she invented her own dance to it. She recorded it on video and put in on YouTube. The band discovered it and send a camera team to her and this is the result:

fragile meadow - the black atlantic - handwritten lyrics


Music by The Black Atlantic
Choreography & Dance by: Tessa Vintar
Video shot & Edited by: Boudewijn Rosenmuller
Handwritten lyrics by Knapfla

Poem about the sun and its artistic abilities

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analog - 35mm - sun - springI noticed it today
the shifting sun
it fell on the edge of this balcony
I can touch it this evening

Where it could not reach me in winter
I feel it inside me now

Dancing, playing, laughing with the trees
white and yellow and orange.
It blushes out
It knows that I’m already wondering
Where I’ll find it tomorrow
And what it will paint

Poem & (analog) photo by The Dance Part